Nathan Steele - UX Lead

Nathan Steele is a UX / UI / IA / CX / Growth Hacker / Change Agent / Product Designer, Strategist, and Researcher:

Growing business at the center of impact via strategy, psychology, technology, design, and research.

Nathan Steele - UX Lead





Passionate about delivering impactful outcomes, intuitive UX/CX design, and elevating customer and user experiences aligned with business objectives.

METHODOLOGIES:  JTBD (Jobs to be Done), Human Factors, Impactful Outcomes > Output, Growth Hacking, Systems Thinking, DesignOps, High-level/Big Picture Thinking, ATBT (Assumptions to be Tested); QTBA (Questions to be Answered), Strategy Consulting, Current State vs Desired Future State, Lean, Agile, Project Management, Product Management, Service Design, Design Sprints, and Design Thinking [Visual (and often Collaborative) Problem Solving/Solutioning]

TOOLS:  Figma, Whimsical, Dovetail, Balsamiq, InVision, Webflow,, Miro, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop,, Confluence, Google Business Apps, Typeform, and Microsoft Office Suite

DESIGN:  Information Architecture, Wireframing/Lo-fi Design, Hi-fi UI Design, Prototyping, User Flows, Site Maps, and Design Systems, Whiteboarding (Physical and Digital)

RESEARCH & STRATEGY:  Competitive Analysis, JTBD, Business Objectives, Personas, Customer Journey Maps, Workshops, Surveys, Comparative Analysis, Pain and Positive Point Identification, Workflows, Affinity Diagrams, Workshops, User Testing, Current State vs. Future State, and User and Stakeholder Interviews

GROWTH HACKING:  Business North Star Identification, Business Growth Levers Identification, and Metrics and New and Existing Feature Alignment with Business North Star and Business Growth Levers

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE & SERVICE DESIGN:  Service Blueprints, Customer Journey Maps, Pain Point and Positive Point Identification, and Priority Matrix

LANGUAGES:  HTML, CSS, and Javascript (working knowledge for all via Webflow)


Nathan Steele - Exploring
Current pastimes include keeping up with the latest research in business strategy, psychology, UXR (User Experience Research) and UXD (UX / UI design) as well as enjoying being out in nature and chasing waterfalls.